Information on Ordering Sucraid®

  • Sucraid® is available by prescription only through one specialty pharmacy.
  • The physician must complete the Sucraid® Prescription Form and fax it to 1-866-850-9155.
  • A patient may enroll in the SucraidASSIST™ Patient Support Program by calling 1-800-705-1962.
  • SucraidASSIST™ will offer enrolled patients:
    • Case management support
    • Insurance assessment
    • Copay assistance
    • Peer support
    • Nutritional counseling
  • The specialty pharmacy will contact the patient to schedule delivery of Sucraid®.
  • Sucraid® will be shipped directly to the patient’s home or the physician’s office.
  • For refill orders or any questions, call SucraidASSIST™ at 1-800-705-1962.
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