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First-Time Orders

How to Enroll

  1. Complete the Sucraid® Patient Enrollment Form
  2. Fax completed, signed form to 1-800-632-1944.
  3. Alternately, you may call a Sucraid® Nurse Case Manager at 1-800-705-1962 for assistance with ordering Sucraid®.
  4. A SucraidASSIST™ team member will reach out to the patient to schedule delivery of Sucraid®.

Please note: The services and contact information described below are available in the US only. For information on obtaining Sucraid® (sacrosidase) Oral Solution for patients located outside of the US, please see the Non-US Orders section.

As a specialty pharmaceutical product for a niche, orphan patient population, Sucraid® is not available through traditional retail pharmacies. QOL Medical, LLC, the maker of Sucraid®, uses an exclusive specialty pharmacy provider that ships therapy directly to the patient’s home or physician’s office. All shipments are refrigerated. This arrangement ensures that each patient receives his/her medication in a timely manner. This process applies to both the prescription product as well as the therapeutic response dose shipments.

Access to Sucraid® for New Patients – Prescription Use

Sucraid® is available by prescription only. If you are interested in obtaining a Sucraid® prescription, please contact your healthcare provider for more information.

It is important that licensed healthcare providers use the Sucraid® Patient Enrollment Form for new patients requiring therapy in order to ensure initial patient access and an uninterrupted supply of therapy as prescribed. This form provides all of the information required by the specialty pharmacy provider to arrange for patient access to Sucraid®.

Please print and complete the Sucraid® Patient Enrollment Form, sign (physician signature is required; patient signature is encouraged), and fax to 1-800-632-1944. Alternately, the physician may call SucraidASSIST™ at 1-800-705-1962 and speak to one of the Sucraid® Nurse Case Managers about ordering Sucraid®.

To prevent delays in delivery:

  • Please be sure to complete the entire form, and include signatures from both the patient and the physician.
  • The completed form should be faxed to 1-800-632-1944.
  • If applicable, please provide alternate contact information (e.g., cell phone, email address, etc.) to ensure the specialty pharmacy provider can reach you to arrange delivery.
  • If at any time there are changes regarding insurance, or if there is a change in physician, please notify the specialty pharmacy provider immediately.

Sucraid® Patient Enrollment Form

Important Phone Numbers

To schedule your first delivery, obtain refill shipments, or for questions about your Sucraid® shipment, please call 1-800-705-1962. You may also use this number for questions about SucraidASSIST™ (Access and Support Services in Sucraid® Therapy), our comprehensive patient assistance program.

Reimbursement Support Services

QOL Medical has among the best patient access support services in the pharmaceutical industry through the SucraidASSIST™ program.

SucraidASSIST™ Program Information

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