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Knowledge is power.
The first thing to realize is that knowledge is power. Just as you, the parent or caregiver, will feel better equipped to handle the diagnois as you learn more, so will your child. The more information you and your child can learn, the better you and your child will feel about your family's ability to deal with GSID.

How to problem-solve with your child
Inevitably, your child will feel "different". This disorder deprives your child of the privacy of blending in for most social situations. Living with GSID contains information and ideas that may assist you in this process.

Overcoming a life of challenges
Rebecca, 36, could not remember the last time she felt "normal", and the symptoms were affecting her personal life and relationships. Learn how Rebecca was able to regain control of her life.

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"At first my daughter was vomiting a couple times per week, then it got progressively worse over the next nine months to the point of her vomiting 5-10 times per day... waking up screaming and clutching her stomach... She tested positive for Sugar Intolerance and we immediately began taking the necessary steps toward treatment. She is now happy and healthy! She no longer has any of her previous symptoms!" — Mother of child diagnosed with GSID

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