Request an SI Genetic Test Kit

Order an SI Genetic Test in High-Risk Patients:

  • Genetic Sucrase Deficiency will exist in a subset of patients with low sucrase activity regardless of lactase results1
  • Determine whether genetic etiology may be a factor1
  • When sucrase activity is < 25 μM/min/g
  • If disaccharidase assay results are not available for patients with long-term chronic diarrhea and/or abdominal pain and other common GI disorders have been excluded
  • A positive genetic test supports the diagnosis of GSID. The test evaluates for the presence of 37 known pathogenic variants. A negative test result demonstrates the absence of one or more of these variants. However, other unidentified pathogenic variants may exist, so a negative test is not conclusive for absence of the disease.

The SI Genetic Test Kit Includes:

  • SI Genetic Test Request Form and Patient Application & Consent Form
  • Collection devices to obtain the genetic samples via swabbing of the inside of the cheek
  • Instructions on proper collection and shipping of genetic samples
  • Shipping materials and labels (all shipping costs are prepaid)

There is no charge to the healthcare provider or to the patient for the cost of the kit or testing. Processing:

    • The SI Genetic Test Kits should arrive within 7-10 days after a request has been submitted. If an account has previously been set-up, then allow 5 days
    • Review specimen collection, preparation and transport instructions
    • Complete Test Request Form and Patient Consent Form
    • Obtain cheek swab samples
    • Return package to LabCorp in prepaid Federal Express envelope
    • Results are available within 7 business days after receipt of a sufficient genetic sample
Reference: Nichols B, Adams B, Roach C, Ma C, Baker S. Frequency of Sucrase Deficiency in Mucosal Biopsies. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2012; 55(2):S28-S30.

For more information about genetic testing or the SI Genetic Test Kit, please call 1-855-736-3274.

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